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Exhortation during three days fasting and prayers: 28th–30th January, 2009
Teacher: Bro. Felix Dordaa Mahama
Text: Matthew 20:1-16

When God decides, no one can stand in His way.

The message in the above title is what today’s text has presented to us. Jesus has likened the kingdom of heaven (i.e., the operation of God) to the farmer who has hired workers to work in his vineyard. The vineyard owner chose to pay the latecomers as much as he had paid the early comers, and this is what infuriated the early comers. Yet they could do nothing about it because the vineyard owner owned and had authority over both the vineyard and the money and could choose to do whatever he wanted to do with them.

God, likewise, owns and has control and authority over us, money, business and every other thing, including Satan himself, and therefore when he decides to use any of these things for any purpose, or do anything with or for any of these things, no one can stand in His way.

Other examples of the authority of God

The parable we have just read can be likened to the life of St. Paul. He was the last of the apostles, and the most criminal of them all (according to the biblical records), but when God decided to convert and use him, the Pharisees could not do anything about it.

When Jonah was called to preach to the people of Nineveh, what kind of running and hiding did he not do? Yet eventually he came out of the belly of the fish to go to Nineveh and preach, because God had decided that he would do it.

Do not be afraid, for God is in authority

It means that when God also decides a blessing or a path for us, no one can stand in His way of bringing it to realization. Yet we worry about things that are not our problems.

When we want to acquire jobs or promotions, establish or expand business; when we hear or suspect that certain people are against us we are shaken to the core and we lose our faith. Anyone who tries to stand in the way of what God has decided will be disgraced.  Nobody or no condition can prevent the blessings of God from materializing in our lives. Even sometimes we are afraid to use the gifts that God has given to us.

Anyone who tries to stand in the way of God will be disgraced.

Read this true story

A man started a business, and when the business had grown, he invited his very close friend to help him manage the business. When the friend saw that the business was very lucrative, he cunningly changed all the business’ documents to his name without the knowledge of the man. Of course, the man trusted his friend to the extent that he never believed that the friend could do such a thing. After the friend had changed all the documents to his name, he took the man to court and seized the business.

I now ask you this question: if you were the man, what would you do? This was the source of livelihood for the man and his family. Many people would conclude that God hated them, or at least that God no longer loved them; they would curse God. Many a Christian would probably seek the help of soothsayers, juju men and mallams to retrieve the business from the friend. Fortunately, this man did none of those things. He simply presented his case to God in prayer every day. After some months, an angel appeared to him and informed him that his prayers had been heard and he would receive the answer. Not long after that, the friend came to him willingly, apologized and went to court and officially handed over the business to him. The man’s friend could not keep the business because God had decided! That is the authority of God. Praise the Lord!!

David and Saul:1 Samuel 17-31

When God rejected Saul as king, and chose and anointed David as King, Saul did all that he could to kill David. Saul did not even know, then, that God had anointed David as king, but he was jealous of David because of all the wonderful things that he was accomplishing and the praises that were being heaped on David. As much as Saul tried, he could not kill David because God had decided! That is the authority of God. Praise the Lord!!

Even when we try to stand in the way of what God has planned for we ourselves, we get disgraced.

So, we should not be afraid or worried about the problems we are carrying because God has decided relief for us. He says in Jeremiah 29:11, “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, and plans to bring about the future you hope for.”

So, what is your problem?

  • Do you have a truant husband, a truant wife, truant children?
  • Do you want a job, promotion?
  • Start a business, expand your business?
  • Are you a pito brewer, a bar owner?
  • Do you think enemies are surrounding you; that somebody is after your life, your downfall?
  • Do you want to have a closer walk with the Lord?

Jesus healed the sick, fed the hungry and identified with outcasts. He identified with those who wept and those who rejoiced.

Prayer topics

  1. For faith to claim the promises of God for us
  2. Shatter all hindrance to our prayers
  3. Family-husbands, wives, children
  4. Jobs, promotions, businesses
  5. Curses, sickness
  6. Empowerment to be faithful to God

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