1. Go to Bible in the main menu
    Click the Search the Bible submenu item
      bible search help 1
    while in the Standard Bible or Compare Bibles page,
    click the Search the Bible link
    bible search help 2

2. On the next page,
     locate and click the Search button
       bible search help 3
    A search panel opens on the left

3. Enter the search term (word or phrase)
    Select any desired settings
    And click Search
    bible search help 4

Wait a while for the search results to display.

That's it!

Now, while you are on the search results page, you cannot change the bible version.
In order do to that you need to do one of two things:
1. Click the Bible selection page link. This will take you back to the initial search page (step 2 above);
2. Click the Standard Bible link. This will take you to the standard bible page.
     bible search help 6

Tip: You can press the escape key or click anywhere on the page to hide the search panel.