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The world is more than rotten

The world has changed completely into what I can’t describe. Will I say rotten? Oh no, it will be an understatement. Some youth say, “We are in the 21st century.” Some also say, “We are the future leaders.” Other youth say, “We are civilised.” Still, others say, “Computer children.” Indeed this twenty-first century has changed. Things are now upside down, which has made the road to righteousness very rough for the youth and difficult to walk on.

Aba!! Today’s youth. You make my heart bleed and it feels like a spear is being thrust through my heart. This generation is filled with the unexpected, suffering and disappointments. Hmm, indeed God is very merciful. If he were a man, he would smash us in a minute like a heavy truck running over tomatoes. We live in a smelling and stinking place, yet we pretend not to smell the scent.

Rules for youth to become successful

Everybody wants to be successful, yet nobody wants to sweat. But my dear youth, you know there is no success without struggle.  The road to success is not straight as you think. There are curves which you need to be very careful about; these curves are called failure. In your life you should expect failure because failure is inevitable, so youth you need to be strong, endure and move ahead.

There are also loops called confusion. As you move on with life there are certain situations that will make you confused, so you need to sit down, analyse the situation and move on with life.

Also you will meet friends in your life. You have to differentiate the good ones from the bad so that your life journey will end well. These friends can be compared to speed ramps.

There are also cautions in your journey which will tell you if there is a curve, danger zone and many more. These cautions can be compared to the family. In your life your family will give you good advice but if you don’t listen, your journey will never be smooth. Dear youth, you have the choice to take their advice or not.

All these challenges may come your way but if you have determination as your spare tyre and God’s grace as an engine, you will surely make it to the place called success.

Corruption and selfishness will ruin the life of the youth

There is corruption everywhere. In this our generation, education and job opportunities are both about “who you know", "who knows you", and "brown envelopes”. No one wants to do good without demanding an instant reward.  Hmmm, no more good deeds in this world; almost everybody wants an instant reward. Self-centeredness, individualism or selfish attitude has brought corruption this far. Be aware, dear youth, that we will all face the most High God on THAT DAY.

Drug abuse and alcoholism are not marks of gentility

Drugs and alcohol are destroying the youth. Some youth now sleep and wake up at drinking spots and night clubs. Where has self-discipline run to, youth? Nowhere, because everywhere is the same story. Some youth now use alcohol to "brush their teeth", "bath" and do other things. Others walk like they are being pushed by some people. Many of the madness cases of late are due to drug abuse. Some youth say, “Taking wee makes one a gentleman.” Gentility does not mean being influenced by drugs. Even when one takes these drugs it makes you go crazy and makes you do many unusual things. Doing unusual things does not mean you are gentle. These drugs and alcohol make their addicts lose their natural state, and when this happens, they don’t live to fulfil what God has planned for them.

Make-up destroys your youth

Use of chemicals to bleach to have lighter skins, and use of make–ups destroy your natural skin. Oh!! Are you now telling God that he didn’t create you well? What about diseases like skin cancer? You paint yourself  and think you are beautiful or handsome, but remember  you  didn’t  create  yourself and one day that body you are preparing as if you are going to eat will enter this earth, for we were made from dust and into dust we shall return (Genesis 3:9). God has a purpose for creating you, so be natural and don’t change your colour, because God knows best.

Sexual immorality has become a god among the youth

Fornication and homosexualism are now eating into the heads of many youth today. Virginity has been thrown into the sea and it is now lying at the deepest part of the ocean. If you are still a virgin, trouble for you because names like 'holico', 'colo', 'mother Teresa', 'father Joseph', 'father Anthony', 'father Abraham' and 'mother Mary' are yours. Some even say, “Virginity is no dignity but lack of opportunity,’’ and such statements have even led some youth to lose their virginity. Aah!! Where are we heading towards? Some girls of this generation open their legs anywhere to anything in trousers, forgetting that not everything in trousers is called a man. Some men also want to enter anything in skirt. Oh my God!! It’s actually a pity.

As if that is not enough, men now are marrying men and women marrying women. Some leaders are even making laws in their countries to give homosexualism rights. If leaders are supporting this, then what will those youth interested do. We should think of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah; how they were destroyed. Dear youth, do you want to be destroyed the same way? For today’s youth, everything is accepted, but they forget that in life not everything is good.

Dressing of the youth of today

For dress, hmmm. The youth of this generation claim to know everything. One wears a so-called dress that exposes her waist and breasts, and if you draw her attention, she replies, “I’m aware.” If you want people to see your breasts and waist, then remove all that you are wearing and walk naked so that everybody will see. Why do you want to tempt others into sin? You wear a short skirt, go to sit in front of a man, open your legs and expect him not to react when you know that the human body has senses. When he reacts you say he can’t control himself; if he doesn’t react you say he is not a man. Remember, on THAT DAY, you will stand alone before God. These days girls wear what they call “mediwo’’ or “hot” that exposes their entire thigh. They also wear what they call “ma tricky Jesus’’. Can you trick Jesus? Think about that.

Boys and men now “pull Otofister” and walk like they have shit into their trousers. They bend their waist in order for the trousers not to fall. But I think you want to show your waist; then why not allow the trousers to fall? Where from these youth who do not feel shy?

Exposing yourself will not make someone love you but will show how cheap you are. It is good character that will give you that Mr Right or Miss Perfect that you are looking for. If you wear your trousers and stick in, they say you are outdated (your eye no tear). Forget of them because you know what you are doing.

Virtues, and vices among the youth

Computer children, why are you turning virtues into vices? You think disrespect is a virtue? You have the guts to sue anybody in court even when the person is for your good. I blame leaders partially because you make these children aware of their rights but you do not let them know of the responsibilities attached to those rights. Have you forgotten so soon that rights go with responsibilities. Bible tells us that, “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” So do you want to continue in this state of hopelessness.

When daddy talks, you reply, “it is  our time.’’ If mummy talks, ‘’We are in the 21st century.” If religious leaders preach, “To hell with you and your preaching. You should be preaching to yourself because you need it more than me.” When friends, sisters and brothers advice, you tell them, “Fuck off!! Who dare you advice me. Mind your own business.” They will misapply this proverb, “Remove the log in your eye so that you can see well to remove the speck in my eye.” (Matthew 7:5) Who told you it is a speck you have in your eye. You can disrespect anybody you want to disrespect on earth but can you disrespect the “I am that I am’ (Exodus 3:14) at the end of your life? Food for thought.

The future of our youth

Claimed future leaders, do you even have a future? Your future is blurred so you do not have anything to offer now. There is no need leaving behind a mark when you yourselves are in the pit. Remember it is not too late to give yourself to Christ. He can write on crooked lines and make the impossible possible, but it depends if you are willing to make him the Lord of your life. Think of the hereafter and give your life solely to God and with His aid you will be able to live a righteous life even in this rotten world. Remember we are not of the world (1 John 3:1-10), so dear youth, leave the worldly things and buy things of heaven.

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